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Fears and Kahn 20th century antiques - interview of a design duo!

I met Pippa on Twitter - as one does - and when I visited their website I instantly liked their collection of vintage furniture, posters and eclectic decor items together with their more bespoke pieces. We got chatting and I was really blown away with their sense of fun, gorgeous furniture and posters which I remember from my youth - especially the BALLY ones (where my Auntie worked and so I have a few of those!). So I thought I would share this gem of a find with you all!

So who's Fears & Kahn?

Fears and Kahn is run by Alan Fears and Pippa Kahn. Fears and Kahn has been offering 20th century antiques and design exclusively online for over 10 years. Having studied Fine Art at university we have always had an interest in all things eclectic and artistic and this is reflected in the diverse collection of items available at our gallery. 

What do you love about your job?

I love the diversity of my job, & the fact that I’m in charge of what I do. I enjoy the creative side of designing & working on pieces for our bespoke ‘Studio’ collection as well as the hunt for fabulous eclectic antiques.

Pippa how do you think the UK has influenced the design world?  Pippa-Kahn

During the Mid century Robin & Lucienne Day lead the way with design ; Robin with his paired down furniture designs and Lucienne with her Atomic inspired pattern designs, and  even today their ideas have infiltrated modern design.

What inspires you?

Combination of Art within design: When it comes to furniture I’m inspired by colour and in particular the 1980’s, and with decor I am excited about things that have a sense of character and humour.

Do you have any trend or predictions for next 6-12 months?

I think it’s a combination of uniqueness, crafts and items that bring a smile to ones face. 

Who do you enjoy working with?

Alan, my partner. 

Any unusual hobbies/leisure activities?

It’s not unusual, but I love taking photographs, I feel  I can  always draw inspiration from them. 

fearsandkahn - Arbus Console
Arbus Console

Best advice given to you?

Life is short so enjoy what you do, and if you don’t enjoy it, stop and do something else...

fearsandkahn - Foot vase
Foot vase

Who do you admire ?

Claes Oldenberg & Coosje  van  Bruggen  & Edward Kienholz & Nancy Reddin; Both incredibly creative artistic couples, and two of my favourite artists.

Share a new discovery with us  Only a few weeks ago I discovered that my neighbour had a hidden talent. Michelle makes these fantastic handmade 100% Harris wool animals. Her Whippet hounds in particular are fantastic.

Bragging rights to..?

Upcycling...It was 2001 when we first painted the doors on a teak cabinet that we had purchased from Holland. It had a fantastic response and sold right away. We slowly & sympathetically introduced enhancing colours on vintage pieces of furniture. It can be seen on everything now...
fearsandkahn - Metropolis Drawers
Metropolis Drawers

How did you get into your field of work?

My Mother was an antiques dealer in the 1980s, I remember trawling around fairs with her which initiated my interest in all things vintage.
fearsandkahn - Italia Tray
 Italia Tray

Were you artistic from a young age?

My Father was a writer and my Mother was multi-talented, as well as selling antiques she also painted, so you could say it was ingrained in my bones. 

What/who got you started?

Many trips to Charity shops in the early 1990s looking for those elusive 1970s flares that couldn’t be bought on the high street. This resulted in over buying and lead to a spare room being turned into a vintage clothes shop.  Friends would pop round and try items on.
fearsandkahn - Outline Drawers
Outline Drawers

What’s the idea behind your designs/concepts/work?

Alan is the main driving force behind an idea, once something excites him them we’ll throw ideas like colours around together. Lately the inspiration for our Outline Studio collection has come from a collection of vases (see my collection:
Turaoval cart 

Best project – greatest achievement?

Being in a relationship for 19 years, it’s no mean feat especially as we work together as well.

Achilles heel? 

I find it hard to sell certain items and currently our warehouse has a large area dedicated to things we have kept for ourselves...
Swede sofa

Favourite city?

London; having grown up there I have a massive amount of nostalgia for the city, but I also enjoy the hustle & bustle and the intense cultural experience that I gain from visiting which differs greatly to where I currently reside in the Nottinghamshire countryside...

Favourite country?

UK, I love the four seasons, the culture, and the humour!
Garros 81

Dream commission or work?

Would love to design a complete room filled with our Studio items...We are moving house soon, so maybe this dream will come around soon!

What book you reading now?

Just Kids by Patti Smith, very inspiring and beautifully written memoir, based on her time in the 1970s with Robert Mapplethorpe.
clowns fearsandkahn


Thank you Pippa for taking the time to share your thoughts with all of us! I love your obsession! The german vases are so graphic!

If you would like to commission Pippa or discuss any of the work you see above please contact her directly on:
or chat with Pippa on Twitter here!/fearsandkahn

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