Styles & Tips for House & Garden May 2010
Subject: Styles & Tips for House & Garden May 2010
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Francoise Murat
"Styles & tips for house and garden" NEWSLETTER
May in the garden
Lots to do this month in the garden - so check out all the essential jobs HERE !

Our food blogger Linda has a fantastic feature on the elegant ASPARAGUS- a bit of history on this fabulous vegetable and a great recipe HERE.

We also have great classes for period homes & gardens HERE.

See our kids workshops for the Hampshire Fare Festival in July HERE.
May at home
Wallpaper - special feature on the development of this decorative wall covering HERE

Discover some stunning historical wallpapers from a very special collection

We also have Adrian Rayfield, a professional painter & decorator who explains how to calculate the amount of wallpaper you need

His handy tool -
the wallpaper calculator
is easy to use and available for free! 
Property special
Ever had thoughts of investing in property? What should you look for if you want to sell or rent?

Tips and ideas from Property Mentor Roberta Ward HERE.

House detective- Ellen Leslie explains how she puts together the jigsaw puzzle of a building's history HERE.

As an Historic Buildings Researcher, Ellen travels all over the country reasearching fascinating homes & buildings.

Welcome to our newsletter! Wherever you are and whatever the weather, if it is sunny or raining, just sit back and relax, enter our competition and join us for a 5 minute "pause cafe" as they say in France.The stunning poppy field picture above on the left hand side is  kindly sent in by Caroline LG a fellow twitter friend. Caroline has some stunning fauna and flora photography on her website, so feel free to visit HERE.

We have lots to share with you for the garden. From what to do in the garden, to information on our garden classes and interiors workshops here in Hampshire as well as in London at the Georgian Society.

Linda Williams is back and she waxes lyrical about ASPARAGUS! Linda is passionate about good food and blogs at, you can follow her on Twitter at When she’s not writing about food she helps small and medium sized businesses turn their vision into reality,

See Linda's other feature HERE- foraging for wonderfully pungent wild garlic and making your own cheese! There is still lots of wild garlic available - we visited Tyntesfield last weekend and the fields are covered in white pungent flowers!

We have a brand new competition, with Hampshire Fare for its 10th year anniversary. All you have to do is register by clicking on the button below. Local food for local people, we are very proud to be members of Hampshire Fare

Sowing Seeds
We have started offering Kitchen Garden classes  - a variety of courses are available on gardening. We are also running interior design and garden design classes for period homes in Hampshire and at the Georgian Group in London, Click here for further information


If you are fed up with tasteless supermarket veg and fruit or just want to do it for yourself?

Well now you can learn to design, sow and reap the rewards of your own beautiful kitchen garden right here with us! We'll start with the absolute basics even if you have never ever sown a seed before! It’s easy and available for everyone even if you don’t have a plot, container gardening is the next best thing. We will cover all the sowing techniques and discuss the best varieties of veg and fruit for the best flavours.

This one day workshop will equip you to plan and prepare your very own patch for the spring of next year! Bring with you the measurements of your garden and we will design it there and then.
We are also running special children's workshops during the Hampshire Fare festival in July. Here they can learn about  what to grow and how to become a wildlife detective.
Children must be accompanied by an adult.

CLICK HERE to see all our garden classes and interiors workshops

  • Next time in Interiors Styles & Tips Roberta takes us through Part 2 of her blog on how to get the best out of Investing in Property.
  • In the Gardens Styles and Tips we look at the Potager - growing beautiful, edible gardens. How to combine flowers, fruit and vegetables for a stunning effect.
COMPETITION Hampshire Fare Competition

WIN one of two garden classes worth £110 each! Come and spend the day with us and get inspired to grow your own fruit, vegetables, herbs and plants! Click on the button on the right.
For more information on Hampshire Fare and all the events from May to July visit the website HERE

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