Create a quick and robust vertical garden with Woolly Pockets
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Create a quick and robust vertical garden with Woolly Pockets original indoor and out green wall woolly pocket

"We found these amazing woolly pockets through Twitter- Felicity at Gardenbeet was kind enough to send us a pocket to test out and we loved it. We used it for our summer herbs and we found them easy to fill, to hang and use. Visually stunning, we can definitely recommend these."

Woolly Pockets allow anyone to build their own vertical garden (also referred to as living walls) on most sized walls, shapes and wall types. Vertical gardens can be located in the kitchen, dining room, bathroom or on the garden wall.

Woolly Pockets allow a thriving herb, flower or small vegetable garden to grow in very narrow spaces. A lush green sanctuary can be created in small areas without the need for wide planting beds.

Woolly Pockets open up the planting possibilities. No longer are we restricted to the traditional tall and skinny plant range (such as conifers or climbers) to screen ugly fences. A tapestry of colour, form and texture is now possible in even the smallest of gardens.

Valuable ground space can be left for the children to kick a ball or the parents to host dinner parties.


Woolly pockets inside Luscious woolly pockets

Woolly Pocket planting offers a no dig gardening approach that can also be performed at waist height. Perfect for those with disabilities or those who are tired of continual bending whilst tending to their plants.

Woolly Pocket allows the novice to build their very own vertical garden whilst creating results suitable for professional use.

The Pockets are a type of living wall planter constructed from a durable fabric of recycled plastic bottles.

Each Pocket has a built-in moisture barrier which allows the vertical garden to conserve water, as well as prevent the vertical garden from dripping, whilst allowing the soil to breathe (a must for a healthy living green wall).

Woolly Pockets come in three living wall sizes and two living wall colours to accommodate any vertical garden design.

The vertical garden planters are modular and can be hung in any combination, alone or with other living wall friends.

Available from Gardenbeet on line HERE.



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