• Award winning Lorna Syson Interview

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    19.12.2011 Interview with Award winning textile designer Lorna Syson.  I first saw Lorna's textiles at 100% Design in 2010 and met her at this year's 100% Design and we chat on Twitter.  I have always had a love of 3 dimensional ...
  • Let's make it an Eco Christmas

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    13.12.2011 Let's make it an Eco Christmas!!!  Let’s make it a greener Christmas this year with more thought into what to buy - so here are a few of my favourites this year.   This year I am making a very conscious effort to presen...
  • The story of a House Historian

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    09.12.2011 Interview with Melanie Backe-Hansen, Chesterton Humbert's very own House Historian     I first met Melanie at the Listed Home Owners Property Show 2 years ago where she was presenting on the work she does for Chestert...
  • Butterflies: decline of UK species by 72%

    Latest Posts - Garden Design
    06.12.2011 Butterflies: decline of UK species by 72% I was rather shocked at the news that Butterfly population in the UK was in decline by almost three quarters.  Even commons species such as the Small Skipper, Common Blue, and Small Tortoises...

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