• The Botanical Baker - an interview

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    27.10.2011 The Botanical Baker - a "delectable botanical" interview with Urvashi Roe I met Urvashi Roe at an amazing luncheon organised by Silvana de Soisson of The Foodie Bugle earlier in the month and I instantly liked her passion and he...
  • Gardens for low maintenance to take you through autumn and winter

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    21.10.2010 Gardens for low maintenance - seedheads and plugging holes     Autumnal gardens got me thinking today.  I had a meeting with a potential client this week and the usual “can you design a maintenance free garden” was ...
  • Essential tips to put your garden into winter slumber

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    18.10.11 Essential tips to put your garden into winter slumber The weather is slowly turning so good preparation is certainly key to ensuring your garden gets off to a good slumber for winter. Period and historical homes are particularly prone ...
  • Kelly Swallow Unique Vintage Patchwork Designs

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    17.10.2011 Kelly Swallow Interview - from Button Queen to Penny Lane Mad Hatter!   1966 Grain Sack Chair - A vintage club chair in an alchemic combination with French grain sack fabric. Traditionally these sacks included farm name, town...
  • Blog Action Day #BAD11

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    16.10.2011 BLOG ACTION DAY 2011 for WORLD FOOD DAY #BAD11   Let's talk about food - World Food Day is an important day - some 2250 bloggers around the world are taking part in Blog Action Day. It is an annual event that unites us all ...
  • London Design Festival and then some!

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    10.10.2011 London Design Festival and then some! Our discoveries, part 1 During the latter part of September, London was buzzing with design. Wherever you went from West to East, North to South and anywhere in between, the capital was chock full of ...
  • The Devil's Apple

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    05.10.2011 The Devil's Apple! - The history of our fruits & vegetables ‘madde apple’, ‘mala insana’, ‘pomme du diable’, ‘pomme des fous’, ‘melanzana’, ‘albergine’..... How many names can a plant have?! Not a good way t...
  • Bisons at Sussex Prairies

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    03.10.2011 Bisons in a Sussex Prairie! (I kid you not!)  Yes I promise you! Along with tea cups, colourful sheep and unusual sculptures - that’s without even starting with the amazing planting plan I saw at Sussex garden.   I visi...

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