• Not-So Hungry Gap? February and March

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    01.03.2011 Not-So Hungry Gap??? from our regular food blogger Helen Parkin of A Forkful of Spaghetti Looking out of my window, I’m not finding much cause for inspiration. Rain is spotting loudly against the glass, and the wind is blowing ol...
  • February is a funny month in the kitchen

    Styles & Tips - Garden Styles & Tips
    17.02.2011 February and March are funny months in the kitchen - from our regular food blogger Linda Williams at With Knife and Fork As the days start to lengthen the snowdrops come out and daffodil leaves start to peek through the soil. ...
  • Contemporary interiors and architectural gardens from old

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    04.02.2011 Contemporary interiors and architectural gardens from old - recycling makes sense As an Interior design and Landscape Designer I am often confronted with the fact that clients want to realise their dreams from scratch using new furnishi...
  • Frosty Gardens-taking your garden through winter

    Styles & Tips - Garden Styles & Tips
    05.02.2011 Frosty Gardens-  tips to take your garden through winter The weather has definitely changed in the last few winters and this winter we have had some arctic conditions. Some parts of the UK with very little snow and o...
  • Houses and Interiors Weald and Downland Museum

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    18.02.2011 Our homes and hearths - how life has changed When I recently visited the Weald and Downland museum it made me think about the vast changes that have taken place in the building of houses: the materials, the look, the installation of win...

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