• Projectbook for period & listed buildings August 2010

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    What's happening at Projectbook - the UK's premier resource centre for period & listed building projects.   Projectbook has been busy these past few weeks - the members are an active bunch of people and we are very pleased that so many ar...
  • River restoration - by Claire Thirlwall

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    05.08.10 The Secret River   Françoise asked me to share with you a little about my work in river restoration, and given that it is my passion and that I am a huge admirer of Françoise's work I am happy to oblige.   Over the fourteen yea...
  • A british Seaside Summer

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    A British Seaside Summer - from our regular food blogger Linda Williams at With Knife and Fork   “Ahhhhh…” came the voice from beyond the fence, “it isn’t a proper British summer without crab sandwiches, it really isn’t….I do d...

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