• Gardens for ailing Bees - what you can do to help

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    Could Gardens Offer Hope To Ailing Bees ? The world’s bees are quickly approaching a crises point! Many species of bee are now on international endangered species lists, literally teetering on the verge of extinction, but why and how could gardeners ...
  • Chelsea Flower Show - vertical green wall

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    Woolly pockets at Chelsea Flower Show 2010 I got to know Felicity on Twitter and she sent us a Woolly Pocket to test out - ours is doing well, plants are a bit slow to get going due to the cold weather until very recently! Today is looking to be 30...
  • Summer goodness in the garden

    Styles & Tips - Garden Styles & Tips
    24.05.10 Summery goodness: broad beans, peas and rhubarb After the so-called ‘hungry gap’ of winter and early spring, few things cheer me more than the emergence of brightly coloured fruit and vegetables as the seasons look towards summer. N...
  • Wallpaper - amazing decorative wall coverings

    Latest Posts - Interior Design
      Wallpaper - an amazing decorative wall covering    When I was growing up and we visited family in France I was always fascinated with the fact that they had some of the bedrooms completely covered in wallpaper, ceiling, walls and even ...
  • Asparagus season - buy British!

    Styles & Tips - Garden Styles & Tips
    06.05.10 Asparagus - guest blog by Linda Williams   I love asparagus. Really love it. I could eat it everyday for the duration of its short season and not get bored. In fact I would probably have it nearly the same way each time, nice and s...

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